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Verdal Upper Secondary School

Verdal Upper Secondary School is situated in the local community of Verdal in Nord-Trøndelag county. The school has 6 different branches of study, both academic and vocational. These are devided into 4 educational departments. In addition, the school has a department of support services.

The school was founded in 1976 and is the biggest public place of work in Verdal employing 100 teachers of a total staff of around 140. There are approximately 570 day-time students between 16-19 years old. In addition, our school has an adult education centre which offers a variety of courses.  About 250 students attend approximately 30 courses covering quite a lot of the school’s activities.

Branches of study:

1.  General studies
2.  Service and Transport
3.  Building and Construction
4.  Healthcare, Childhood and Youth development
5.  Sports and Physical Education studies
6.  Technical and Industrial Production


Verdal videregående skole

Adresse: Stiklestad allé 8, 7654 Verdal

Tlf: 74 17 66 00

E-post: postmottak.verdalvgs@trondelagfylke.no